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North Koreans In Japan Remain Loyal To Pyongyang

The students all go to North Korea on a school trip in their final year. That's the kind of relationship we have." Discrimination Hundreds of thousands of ethnic Koreans were brought to Japan as forced labourers or migrants when the peninsula was a Japanese colony before 1945. Some beli jaket jepang have taken Japanese citizenship, others have South Korean passports, but a significant minority remain loyal to Pyongyang. They are the people who send their children to the schools, which are run by Chongryon, the General Association of Korean Residents in Japan. The organisation says its guiding principle is "Juche", the philosophy of self-reliance developed by North Korea's founder Kim Il-sung.

Nike Signs Deal With First Korean NBA Player

The contract deal was concluded in April but announced last week after the NBA draft. Nike will provide equipment such as basketballs, sportswear and sneakers, and incentives to Seung-jin in exchange for Seung Jin's participation in Nike events. The 19-year-old superstar was selected by the Portland Trail Blazers in the second round of the NBA draft. Seung Jin's agency SFX brokered the deal. Financial details were not disclosed.

North Korean Mystery Woman Is Leader Kim Jong Un?s Wife

She was seated next to Kim, sporting a pixie-cut hair style and dressed in a black blazer and a fitted knee- length skirt. She is also the same woman who was seen in footage on a North Korean website accompanying Kim on a visit to a kindergarten in Pyongyang, South Korean Unification Ministry deputy spokeswoman Park Soo Jin said by telephone. Dressed in a yellow polka-dot dress and white jacket, the footage showed her laughing with Kim and patting childrens heads together with the countrys leader. U.S.

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